We collect information about you during the checkout process at our store.

While you visit our website, we track:

  • – Delivery address: we will ask you to enter this so that we can estimate delivery rates before placing an order and sending the order to you!
  • – We will also use cookies to track the contents of the cart while you browse our site.

When you purchase from us, we ask you to provide information, including your name, billing address, shipping address, email address, phone number, credit / payment card details and optional account information, such as username and password. We will use this information for purposes such as:

  • – Send you information about your account and order;
  • – Respond to your requests, including chargebacks and complaints;
  • – Payment processing and fraud prevention;
  • – Set up an account in our store;
  • – Comply with all legal obligations we have, such as the calculation of fees;
  • – Improve our offers;
  • – Send you marketing messages, if you choose to receive them.

If you create an account, we will store your name, address, email and phone number, and this data will be used to complete the checkout page on future orders.

We generally store information about you while we need the information for the purposes for which we collect and use it, and we are not legally required to continue to maintain it. For example, we will store order information for 5 years for tax and accounting purposes. This includes your name, email address, billing and delivery addresses.

We will also store comments or ratings if you choose to leave them.

Who on our team has access

Our team members have access to the information you provide to us. For example, store administrators and managers can access:

  • – Order information, such as what was purchased, when it was purchased and where it should be sent to, and;
  • – Customer information, such as their name, email address and billing and delivery information.

Our team members have access to this information to help fulfill orders, process refunds and support you.

What we share with others

We accept payments by credit card. When processing payments, some of your information will be passed to the chosen card, including information required to process the payment, such as the total purchase amount and billing information.

See your credit card privacy policy for more details.


Responsibilities of the developer: The developer will provide the client with a consultation prior to the project to discuss the details of the project and inform the client of the hosting requirements for the project. The developer will work at the best of his/her ability to deliver the project as requested by the client within the limits of the technologies available, and the hosting provided by the client. The developer will inform the client weekly regarding the status of the project’s completion. The developer will incorporate the content that the client provides into the project. The developer will complete the project in a timely fashion and accept requests to modify the project throughout the process. The developer may optionally provide stock photography and/or videography and copy-text to supplement the content provided by the client. The developer will deliver the project in a manner that functions well on common screen sizes and browsers. The developer does not provide support for out-of-date browsers, or specific internet-explorer-related bugs unless this support has been otherwise specified in the deliverables section of this agreement. Browser testing will be performed with up-to-date versions of chrome, Firefox, and safari on full size screens, and mobile screens to ensure performance of the project. The project will be completed by the developer with best practices in mind. The developer makes no guarantees for the success or failure of the client’s product or service as a result of the project. 

Responsibilities of the Client: The client will provide the developer with the content for the project and will be held legally responsible for obtaining and maintaining all applicable copyrights required for the content. The client is responsible to provide login information for the domain and hosting required for the project, as well as all applicable database access required for the project. 

The client will deliver the following specific items to the developer if requested:

  • Hosting Account
  • WordPress Account
  • Photos, Texts, Videos, Audios, Logo
  • Accounts needed while building the project
  • Social Media Profile Link
  • Business Address
  • Contact Information

The client will deliver the above items to the developer by the time the developer starts the project:

Invoices will be payable by major debit/credit card, Cash app, Venmo, Apple Pay or check delivered to the developer. 

Proposed completion-date for the project: This completion-date is flexible, and is based upon the developer’s assessment of the scope of the project. The completion-date is subject to change based upon adjustments to the scope of the project. If the client requests adjustments be made to the scope of the project or fails to deliver the content by the agreed deadline- resultantly, the completion-date will likely be pushed back.  The expected completion date for this project will be:  

Important information for the client to understand:
Web Development requires custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP coding. Some elements of the project will be developed with custom coding, and therefore editing those elements after the project is complete will require a web developer. These elements typically pertain to the layout, function, animations, input forms, or backend programming. If a content management system has been specified in the deliverables above, the project will include a management system for editing, updating, and creating new content easily, by the client. If a content management system has not been specified in the deliverables, further work on the project would require a web developer.

Copyright of the project:
Copyright and ownership of the project will belong to the client.
The developer reserves the right to hyperlink to the project for portfolio purposes.

Ongoing support:
The developer has no responsibility to provide additional support after the project is complete within this agreement. If additional support is requested and the developer is willing and able to do so, a new agreement/Invoice will be created for ongoing support.

If something goes wrong:
If for any reason either party wishes to terminate this agreement, termination shall be allowed at any time. To terminate this agreement: either party must notify the other party in writing of the desire to terminate the agreement, at which point it will be considered terminated. In the event that this agreement is terminated, the client will be responsible for all hourly fees due, prior to the notification to quit by either party.

Good intentions:
The developer and client both agree: They have entered into this agreement for mutual benefit, and intend to keep the promises agreed herein.